Marching Gong Stand

Chimes Stand

The Percussion Concepts Bass Drum Rack can securely mount up to 5 Bass drums. The rack allows one person to cover all the tonal bass drum parts.  8" tires make transport from equipment truck, to warmup, to stadium efficient and easy.  The drums can quickly be removed and the rack can be folded up for transport and storage.

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These bases are made to hold 1-1/2' PVC pipe frame.  Posts above wheels hold weights for added stability

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Tilting Bass Drum Cart

Made to your needs.

Made to hold subwoofer on the bottom.  The speakers are mounted inside the frames above and can be angled up toward the audience and judges!

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Timpani Carts

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Auxiliary Rack

Marching Bass Drum Rack

A friend told me this was needed, especially in the Northwest.

Bands have to play in all kinds of weather.  This new cart will help keep your electronic keyboards out of the elements.

The lexan shield is fully detachable. Both the table and shield are height adjustable.  Just as our Electronic Keyboard Carts, these are made to your measurements.

If you can imagine it, I can build it!

All products are made to your specifications using heavy duty  steel and steel square tubing.  Prices can vary by size of item.
Custom Work  I can build whatever you can describe.

Prop Bases

New!!  Weather Resistant Synthesizer Cart

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Our Gong Stand is well built to endure the tests of the marching band field and the band room.  

Custom made for your gong


Speaker Carts

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Percussion Concepts

Gong Field Frame Stand

A heavy duty stand that allows  the  transport of chimes onto the field without a cart.


Our Mallet Carts are built to fit all manufacturer's measurements.  We make carts for xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones and bells.  The height is adjustable to accommodate the sizes of different players.

Marimba $695.00

​Xylo, Vibes $595.00

Mallet Carts

This prop stand can be angled so the backdrops project toward the audience.  Backdrop Stands are made to your specifications.  Prices vary.

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Heavy Duty Steel Square Tube

Colapses for easy transport

Adjustable sides lock in position.

Backdrop Stand

Tilting Speaker Carts

Synthesizer Carts

  Standard                                              Enclosed Synthesizer Cart

-Fully Adjustable Tilt
-Play Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally
-Tilt Locking Mechanism

-Freely Suspends Up To 40" Drum
-No-Flat Casters for Easy Transportation

Your source for Marching Band Field Frames, Percussion Carts and Marching Band Field Props

Our Timpani Carts let you easily move individual timpani or complete sets onto the field. Detachable handles on both carts for individual transit if you wish. Once infield, simply roll them perpendicular and they're ready for performance!

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